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A lot of people find it difficult to type a password on the cable box, TV or Blu ? ray player using the remote control. The whole process is excruciating and time consuming, which is why Logitech came up with the Harmony Smart Keyboard. They designed it to ease the typing on devices such as Roku, Xbox and Apple TV. It is a wireless keyboard that makes it easier for you to find under the pillows than the tiny remote control.

A Smart Keyboard for Only $149.99

The Harmony Smart Keyboard works with PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, HTPC, Roku, Smart TVs, and anything connected to a Television. Logitech brags about this new product that is compatible with 225, 000 devices from various brands. It will be available in the Germany and U.S this March for only $149.99.

Navigating on on ? screen keyboards will already be a thing of the past. The Smart Keyboard goes with the Harmony Hub to provide wireless features, such as controlling A/V devices using smartphones or radio frequencies. The keyboard can also transmit commands like any traditional remote controls using infrared. All setup can be done using an app.



Logitech made the Smart Keyboard covered with an anti ? slip rubber, so it feels durable and solid. The built ? in touchpad can support Harmony and Windows 8 gestures that let users perform custom movements to control playbacks. The technology is no longer new, since Google TVs are shipped with QWERTY keyboard of many sizes and styles. This includes the Logitech Revue and Lenovo.

Logitech Harmony senior brand manager Todd Walker said that the company will position the keyboard as a standalone product. Todd added that a lot of consumers began connecting their laptops to the TV. The Smart Keyboard has the ability to control computers, as well as something like the Apple TV. Smartphones are also capable of controlling the system with the help of the Logitech Hub, which comes with the keyboard. This way, users can now be entertained without worrying about a lost remote control.

The Logitech Smart Keyboard seems to be more appealing for media streaming consumers than channel surfing consumers. This is because traditional TV viewing does not need keyboards for changing channels. However, there is nothing more convenient than typing o search YouTube, Netflix and such with ease.

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