Logitech Boldly Claiming ‘Fastest Gaming Mouse’ Moniker with the Arrival of the G402 Hyperion Fury

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We remember the games before that made us cringe whenever we didn?t get to do what we wanted to do. Hampered by the shortcomings we blame on our gaming peripherals (everything included), we remember that time we got head-shot in Counter Strike; that one time we didn?t manage to strike at the crucial moment in DoTA; or that time when we failed to line up our opponent for the perfect shot when playing Half-Life. All because our gaming hardware could not keep up with what our minds wanted it to do.

There won?t be any more excuses this time with the arrival of Logitech?s latest creation. Christening it the G402 Hyperion Fury, they?ve attributed the tag ?Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse? to it, and for all intents and purposes, it promises to deliver. It claims to be the fastest mouse on the planet, reportedly being able to track accurately with a whopping 500 inches per second.

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Even without its flashy name and equally flashy packaging, the Hyperion Fury is one sweet piece of hardware. It boasts of eight buttons, each with a consistent report rate of one millisecond, and each can be fully programmable. Customization is easy with you being able to program a single keystroke or complex macros with these buttons, and the onboard memory can store hundreds of user configurations for quick accessibility. And the glow on it is quite an eye-candy. It might not be that essential, but it is quite useful, just as a bird preens itself in the wild to attract attention, so does this mouse.

The biggest draw of this gaming mouse, however, is the speed. Think of it as a ?mouse on constant NOS?. The speed is due to the installed 32-bit ARM processor powered ?Fusion Engine?, which allows the G402 its tracking speed of 500ips. This is even faster than its predecessor in the line, the G502. And that?s saying something, because in its own right, the G502 is already faster than any other mouse. It isn?t just fast; it?s also very accurate, with selectable DPI rates ranging from 240 to 4000, and a fifth one which is up to the user to decide. It is programmable through Logitech?s Gaming Software.

In a statement, Logitech Gaming GM Ehtisham Rabbani confirms the speed of the G402 Hyperion Fury, describing it as the ?best mouse for high-speed FPS gameplay?. He also said that the combination of the lightweight design and precision and capability of the Fusion Engine makes fast, furious swipes easier than when doing it with a pen. In this battle arena, he says, science wins.


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