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Lockdown and the Swamp: Planetside 2 – The Latest Update

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Planetside 2, a super massive MMOFPS that was made by Sony Online Entertainment has recently released an update for the game, last month June 2014. They made a few bug fixes and the debut release of the new continent, Hossin which was mentioned in my previous post Planetside 2: The Never Ending War?, and, the other addition to that was the continent lockdown.

So what exactly is the hype about with Hossin on Planetside 2? Everyone is excited because it is a new addition to the continents that we have now on planet Auraxis ?Amerish, Esamir and Indar. Some bases in Hossin are very much different from the other continents. Hossin is somewhat similar to Amerish but the difference is that this continent is filled with swamps, from small ones to large ones and the ambient sound is awesome, especially if you are using a high quality, surround sound headphone. It would be cool though if they added a few more details to it like frogs or maybe birds… just my opinion.

Continent lockdown is also part of the update from the game. People do get confused by this new feature, but once you get the hang of it, you?ll realize it?s not that complicated. What does continent lockdown do? Continent lockdown gives other factions a chance to focus their attack on other continents. For example, if Esamir is locked by, let?s say the TR (Terran Republic) then other factions won?t be able to get inside that continent until another one has been locked. That is the only time where ?Esamir? will be available to be conquered again.

Those are not the only additions to the game. There are also benefits if you locked a certain continent. These are:

  • Amerish ? -50% on the resource requirements when purchasing items for your infantry. (Grenades, med kits, land mines etc.)
  • Esamir ? -50% resources on mechanized purchases.
  • Indar – -50% on aerospace resource requirements.
  • Hossin – +25% exp

No wonder Hossin is the most populated part of planet Auraxis these past few weeks. Not only do you get to see your faction?s logo on the map selection screen, you also get to have a +25% exp boost!

Have you checked the latest update of Planetside 2? If you haven?t, now is the time to do that. Please share what you think about Hossin and the lockdown here…leave a comment and subscribe.


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