Little People Big World: The Truth Behind Camerino’s Deportation

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Little People Big World

There are so many things that reality television have the power to do. They can create a story through editing, edit out what producer’s don’t want you to see, or even make a scenario ten times more dramatic than it’s supposed to be.?There has been mystery going on with the season premier of the reality television show Little People, Big World.

One of the show’s star Amy Roloff had to say goodbye to one of their most beloved employee who has been working for them for the longest time.

What Really Happened Anyway?

Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez was deported to his hometown all the way in Mexico and away from the family in their farm in Oregon.

The scene showed Amy tearfully expressing her feelings saying that she’ll never understand the situation. She even tried to help their “family” employee the best way she could and admitted that she hired the attorney for him.

Camerino has been working under the matriarch for almost 15 years so it’s no surprise that she would reach those limits.

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Little People Big World

The Truth Behind Everything

Unfortunately, they didn’t show the details of the reasons why he was deported. The fans and the people who watched?were left hanging with the question “what?!

Turns out, it was too much for television. Gina Bacchiocchi from Radar Online got the exclusive details. She?revealed that after viewing and studying the documents from the Oregon court, Camerino was apparently convicted for multiple reasons.

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Cocaine possession, driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving which led him to crashing his car into a ditch.

Of course they wouldn’t mention that on television. When the police arrived on the accident scene, they made the decision for the vehicle to be towed. They also?conducted an inventory search where the cocaine was allegedly discovered.??All those craziness were the real reason behind Camerino being deported. There was no choice for the family but to let him go and all they could do was watch.

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