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Listen Ed Sheeran, Matt Cardle Mashup: Photograph A Rip Off Of Amazing?

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Ed Sheeran, the popular English singer-songwriter, has always released songs that strummed the heartstrings of people around the world. However, Sheeran is not considered to be quite too original by some especially by British songwriter Martin Harrington and American Thomas Leonard. In a report by The Journal, they and their publishing company HaloSongs claim that their was a ?knowing? infringement by Sheeran copying some elements of their song, Amazing, in Sheeran?s internationally popular hit Photograph.

Sheeran could be in for a long legal battle, not mentioning how pricey it is. Harrington, Leonard and HaloSongs are seeking damages of $20M as well as for the royalties of the song.

It is not just Sheeran who is in some ?hot water? in this complaint. Snow Patrol?s Johnny McDaid is also named as a defendant. Sheeran and McDaid are the credited writers of the international hit song Photograph. It is claimed that Sheeran and McDaid copied and exploited the work of other active professional songwriters without authorization or credit. It is said in the court documents that the duo, on a ?breathtaking scale?, took credit for the work of songwriters by claiming them as their own.

Harrington is known for being involved in hit singles released in both US and the UK. Harrington had worked with other accomplished artists such as Celine Dion, Natalie Imbruglia, 5ive and Stevie Wonder. Leonard, on the other hand, according to the court documents is a successful American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He previously worked with the Backstreet Boys.

Fans, though, are divided concerning this rip off allegations. In a poll by Billboard, they let fans compare Sheeran?s Photograph and Amazing. The 36.63% of respondents thought that the songs are a little bit similar but Sheeran?s was not a rip off. Those who think that they are nearly identical registered at 11.73%. Others, 14.17% of the respondents, thought that the songs were too close for comfort while 18.74% answered that they sound nothing alike. In addition, 17.48% of the poll?s respondents think that Amazing is so generic that it sounds like many other songs.

Here?s Sheeran?s Photograph on YouTube:

Here?s Amazing on YouTube, performed by Matt Cardle:

Here?s the two played side-by-side, made easier by Kiss 102.3:

It is good to note that Cardle distances himself from the lawsuit saying that it is not ?his?. He tweeted:

Do you think that the songs sound much alike? Is it a ripoff? Or it?s just a matter of probability that one could come up with a similar thing independently? Couldn?t it just be so or Sheeran and McDaid did really rip it off? What do you think?

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