Is Lisa Skinner Dead? What Happened To Cirque Artist After Accident? [Watch]

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lisa skinner dead

Cirque de Soliel performer Lisa Skinner has a quite a terrible accident in their Australian show. Many fear that the former Olympic gymnast has died after her accident. So, many have sparked the ?Lisa Skinner dead? rumor, but reports say differently.

What happened?

Cirque de Soliel have garnered a big following due to their impressive stunts and captivated their audiences along the way. And, with stunts, there is a huge possibility of people getting injured. Lisa Skinner was not an exception in this case. The group was performing in Australia on Sunday when this accident happened.

According to RoundNews, the Olympic gymnast fractured a vertebra that occurred after her fall. Furthermore, she also endured a broken arm with loss of consciousness. Apparently, Skinner has fallen on her head after falling a height of at least three meters.

Who is Lisa Skinner?

Lisa Skinner may also be known as an Australian gymnastics member. She was part of the team in the years 1996, 2000 and 2004. The 35-year-old gymnast won two gold medals at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. She has been performing with the Cirque de Soliel for about 10 years after her 2004 Olympics participation.

In the Cirque de Soliel, she performed as a trapeze artist. Therefore, some believe that she might have fallen at least 5 meters above the ground, or around 16ft, from the rings. This accident happened in front of a large crowd in Kooza, Brisbane where the group was performing.

What happened to Skinner after the accident?

Although many rumors have popped up that Lisa Skinner may be dead after fracturing one of her vertebrae, she is in a stable condition. However, the severity of her injuries has not been released yet. According to reports, she could have spinal injuries as she fell on her head. Furthermore, several hours of treatment has become successful as she became responsive.

The audience at the show were left terrified after Skinner?s fall. Plus, the show was halted as the audience could apparently hear the cracking of bones as she landed on her head. While Skinner is still in the hospital, reports now say that she is alert and conscious.

Since the accident, the circus group has said that safety is their number one priority.

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