Liquid Solution to Make Gloves Touchscreen Capable

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The cold weather is making it difficult for people to use their smartphones. They still need to remove their gloves to tap the screen display, but doing so could freeze their fingers. This is why Nanotips is currently in partnership with Kickstarter to raise funds for a liquid solution to make touchscreen ? capable mittens. People no longer have to purchase those high ? tech mittens just to get through the winter while comfortably using their smartphones.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is backing this project to raise funds worth $10, 000. To make an ordinary pair of gloves touchscreen ? capable is to apply a liquid solution that uses conductive nanoparticles. This will mimic the human skin?s capability to conduct electricity and make it possible for people to navigate their devices using ordinary gloves.

Creator Tony Yu claims that this will work on any material, from canvas gloves to pricey leather ones. He thought about the idea after purchasing expensive motorcycle gloves. Since it was difficult for Tony to use his touchscreen device with gloves, he looked for a way to integrate this feature with his regular gloves.

Blue or Black


This conductive liquid is applied to the regular gloves? forefingers and thumbs using an applicator, but not like the ones used on nail polish. A conductive film then forms on the material as it dries. Yu said that it was hard to create a product that would interact with a touchscreen display, as well as making it last long enough.

Kickstarter came up with two touchscreen solutions, Nanotips Black and Nanotips Blue. The Blue solution will work on standard fabrics like knits, while the Black solution works more on rubbers, leathers and other thick fabrics. Both solutions leave a color residue, but Yu is still working on a fully transparent solution. However, he warns that the Black solution may change the texture of certain fabrics.

Inexpension Solution

While most of you think that innovations like these cost a lot, then you are wrong with this solution. Interested people can buy a single bottle for only $20. The Blue solution lasts for weeks, while the Black one goes on for months. The Kickstarter campaign for Nanotips will end on February 25.

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