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The Lion’s Song: Final Chapter Brings Closure To Award-Winning Narrative Game

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The Lion's Song
Source: Mipumi Games

Mipumi Games has just launched the final episode of The Lion’s Song this July 13. Aptly titled Closure, the final episode will tie up all of the three previous chapters to conclude the game’s story.

According to Mipumi Games’ press release, the Closure episode will finish up the title’s story. Fans of the game have been eagerly waiting for the finale to witness each of the protagonists’s endings.

“Each of the first three episodes of The Lion’s Song featured its own little standalone adventure with a unique protagonist, characters and narrative. Our aim was to let players dive into a rich world of fascinating stories with very different endings, which encourages them to replay each episode and take alternate routes,” said Mipumi Games CEO Gregor Eigner. “For Episode 4 we’re taking a different approach, bringing the first three stories together in a way that we hope will offer players a satisfying conclusion to the path they have chosen.”

In the previous chapters, players got to play as a composer, painter, and a mathematician. Players will be allowed to shape their characters’ story, similar to other episodal point and click adventure games from Telltale Games. Episode 4 will wrap up the stories players chose in the previous episodes.

The Lion’s Song’s first episode can be downloaded for free on Steam if newcomers want to try the title. Meanwhile, the Season Pass that contains all four episodes will cost $10. Each episode costs $4 if bought separately. In addition to the fourth episode, the full episode bundle is also available for smartphones for $5.

Earlier this year, the title has won an honorable mention in the Independent Games Festival for “Excellence in Narrative” and “Best Story Award” during the ReVersed Festival in Vienna. At best, newcomers can try the free first episode if they’ll like this award-winning game from Mipumi Games.

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