Lionhead Releases the Third Installment of Fable 2 Video Diary

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Meet the ?Geeky? and Extremely Funny Central Technology Group (CTG) at Lionhead Studios, Responsible For Creating the Unique Tools that Produce and Enhance the Gameplay in ?Fable 2?

Get up close and personal with the CTG at Lionhead in the third installment of the studio?s video diary series, which is available for viewing and download at and on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Currently recovering from the studio?s 10th Anniversary bash, which included several man hours to create elaborate costumes, fireworks, and an all-around good time, the team is hard at work on ?Fable 2? for Xbox 360?, the highly-anticipated follow up to the best-selling, Xbox? exclusive ?Fable?.? Members of the CTG took time out of their busy development schedules to describe in detail what it takes to be ?a geek,? as well as create the tools and technology that Lionhead is using to create the unique gameplay of ?Fable 2,? such as the one-button combat system and crescendo action sequences.

The diary, which runs a little more than seven minutes in length, and is intercut with a recap of the 10th Anniversary Party, includes anecdotes and laugh-out-loud commentary from programmers, staging designers, producers and a ?technical master chef;? who describe how CTG?s work feeds back into the development of ?Fable 2,? and the case of the ?missing fog machine.?

That?s all for now, but please look for continued behind the scenes tours of Lionhead and more installments of the video diary in the future.

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