Lionel Messi Retires, Will No Longer Play for Argentina

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Just a couple of hours after Argentina loses the Copa America cup to Chile on penalties again, the world footballing community is shock with the news that Lionel Messi retires, according to a report on BBC.

Considered by the majority as the best footballer in the world, there is only one dent so far in Messi?s successful football career, and that is he has yet to tow his country, Argentina, to a major international title.

Looks like the dent will be permanent as Messi has announced his retirement from international football. The world?s best footballer and the only player with five Ballon d?Or to his name will no longer play forward for Argentina. He started playing for the national team of Argentina in 2005. Aside from the Ballon d’Or, he also has brought his club team, Barcelona FC, eight?titles in the La Liga and four in the Champions League.

Argentina?s defeat to Chile just a couple of hours ago in the Copa America must have hurt Messi deeply as he carries the pressure of towing his national team to a major international title as accomplished as he is in the sport.

Not only was it the third near miss for Argentina? in a major international football competition, it was also the first time that Messi missed a penalty for his country. Messi had a chance to give Argentina the advantage of a lead following Sergio Romero?s denial of Arturo Vidal when he took the first kick for Argentina during the penalty shootout. However, the football star instead sent his attempt to the stands.

Pressure was evident on Messi?s face as the penalty shootout progressed, he eventually fell on his knees and laid on his back dejected after Francisco Silva sealed the win for Chile.

Pressure has been mounting for Messi as Argentina also lost the FIFA World Cup title in 2014 and the Copa America title last year against Chile as well, also on penalties. So the loss earlier was the third summer in-a-row that Argentina has lost a major international title. Talk about being so close, huh.

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