Lion Attacks Toddler on Live TV, Link Goes Viral [Video]

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lion attacks toddler
Lion attacks toddler on live TV

On an episode of a Mexican women?s show, Con Sello de Mujer, an interview almost went literally wild, when a lion cub (one of the guests in the show), attacked a toddler (one of the other guests in the show) in the middle of a broadcast.

The cub, accompanied by 2 trainers, appeared to be very calm in the beginning of the video, but began to look mildly interested at the toddler who was beginning to squirm on her mother?s lap. When the toddler started to whinge slightly, the noise seemed to bother the lion who, without warning, lunged at the toddler with its massive paws and tried to bite at her right leg.

While all this was happening, the two trainers acted quickly, with one of them trying to pry open the cub?s jaw to free its bite from, thankfully, only the toddler?s pants. The other trainer, while saying, ?Relax, relax, relax. Don?t move, don?t move,? in Spanish repeatedly for everyone to calm down, firmly tried to remove the massive paws from the toddler?s leg.

Awkward reactions

The weirdest thing was that the toddler?s mother tried to pull her daughter?s body away as the lion cub was pulling the other way, all the while awkwardly smiling and looking at the audience. The host remained in his seat the whole time, probably thinking it?s all a part of the show. It?s not a massive Godzilla attack, but the cub was big enough to injure all 5 humans onstage for sure.

Luckily, the trainers managed to separate the aggravated cub from the equally aggravated toddler, and led the lion offstage.

The toddler, meanwhile, found comfort from everyone on set, and miraculously was able to hold on to her lollipop throughout the startling attack.

According to News.com.au, the clip is believed to be old, having been filmed a couple of years ago, but only recently gone viral after being shared on social media.


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