Linksys Features To Release High-Speed Gaming Router In CES 2017

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Linksys Gaming Router

Linksys definitely knows how to start the year of every gamer. As much as CES 2017 featured a lot of awesome gadgets and new innovations, the Linksys Gaming Router definitely drew a lot of spectators.

It?s not just the Gaming Routers Linksys has under its sleeves. The network giant even introduced a high-powered USB WiFi connection, and a couple of home network solutions that will surely change the perspective of gamers on Internet speed.

And all of these will be out in the market in Spring 2017.

Linksys Teams up with Rivet Networks

Linksys is making a comeback after releasing general home routers such as the WRT1900AC. But this year, the company isn?t shifting its focus as Linksys takes on the gaming realm.

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According to CNET, Linksys collaborated with Rivet Networks in creating the Linksys WRT32X MU-MIMO Gigabit Gaming Router.

Linksys Gaming Router

This Linksys Gaming Router gives its users the freedom to prioritize gaming computers to obtain the fastest speeds and the lowest latency above any other gadgets. The Linksys WRT32X also adopted the classic style of WRTs combined with 3,200 megabits per second of Wi-Fi bandwidth.

The router also contains OpenWrt and DD-WRT and supports DFS and MU-MIMO.

Linksys WRT32X MU-MIMO Gigabit Gaming Router Price

As per Linksys? statement, the router is capable of creating a platform that can send out only the best gaming experience when paired up with the Linux firmware.

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For those who are wondering, the Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router isn?t just made for games. The router can also be used to improve the experience of other online activities such as live streaming and downloading.

The Linksys Gaming Router will cost $300 in the US and will be out in the market this spring. On the others, there hasn?t been any announcement regarding its release in United Kingdom and Australia.

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