Limitless Season 2 Cancelled; Can Fan Petition Rescue Series?

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Limitless Season 2 has been cancelled even after its positive critical reception and good ratings. Now, fans try to save the show through an online petition. Can this fan petition rescue the series and ultimately push CBS for a renewal?

CBS Entertainment president, Glenn Geller, talked about the show?s cancellation at the recent Television Critics Association panel, saying that the show failed to connect with the viewers, as TV Insider reports.

Geller said, ?Ultimately we had to look at the show; it was a very good show, but I don?t think it connected with the viewers as well as other shows had.?

He continued, ?Yeah, we could have brought it back. But we also have to put on new shows and give other things a shot. It could have come back, but we have to do better; we want to improve time periods. That?s why we put on new shows.?

He also added that there were ?no creative behind the scenes problems? on the CBS drama?s first season run. ?We have to make a determinations based on how we feel going forward. We can only pick up so many things.?



Meanwhile, fans still could not move on from the reality of the show?s cancellation as they continue to appeal for another season. Many still could not believe that the show isn?t getting another shot after gaining an average of 7.049 million viewers in the first season, Movie News Guide reports.

The series also performed well compared to other shows on CBS such as the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders spinoff which garnered 6.195 million viewers on average on it freshman run. Surprisingly, the spinoff has been renewed even though Limitless had a larger audience.

The quirky drama?s cancellation was a huge disappointment and was even tagged as the ?highest-rated cancelled show of the 2015-2016 season.?

With the series? controversial cancellation, fans begin to speculate that there must have been potential conflicts off camera.

Still, fans continue to campaign for the show?s renewal with the petition currently gaining 17, 929 supporters, only a few signatures away from their 18,000 signatures goal.

Do you think fans will be granted a Limitless Season 2?

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