Limited Edition Frozen PS4 Coming To Japan

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Apparently, Japan cannot ?let go? of Frozen, one of Disney?s most overrated movies. If you are a fan of Disney musicals and a PS4 gamer, then here?s something that you can totally enjoy. Take the first look at Sony PS4?s Limited Edition ?Frozen? System. We surely hope that parts inside does not freeze nor get covered in snow.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan. However, it is not surprising to see things like these pop out all of the sudden. Disney?s Frozen has been the country?s box office number one for 16 weeks, until another Disney movie, Maleficent, came up and took its spot. However, Elsa is still taking Japan by storm.? And when you say storm, Elsa causes blizzards. Frozen is said to be the 5th highest grossing blockbuster film in worldwide history, closing in to Marvel?s The Avengers and kicking out Iron Man 3 from its previous spot.

Even though most people are already putting on earplugs, ?Let it go? seems to be the most persistent musical composition of today?s generation. Even guys who does not even like it initially, ended up buying an entire album of Frozen?s songs. Everyone with kids has a copy of the movie on their shelves and the song has been on repeat in most radio stations worldwide.

Now, with the Frozen PS4 Limited Edition coming out in Japan next week, you should know several things. The PS4 Limited Edition will not be as white as snow, but it will be the traditional black PS4 with Elsa and Anna on the hard drive bay cover. If you are planning to purchase the PS4 Limited Edition, you will not get a copy of the Disney movie nor its soundtrack. You can get it for ?42 980 (or roughly $425 USD or ?310).

However, PS4 sales are quite slow in Japan compared to North America and Europe. The new bundle might change that.



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