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Be Like Harry Potter: Use a Bluetooth Ring

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There are existing interactive rings now that receive alerts?and notifications??from smartphones. There are even rings that will give users?the current time?in a unique way. But recently, a new ring changed the whole game because it can now be used on a full-control mechanism.

The Logbar’s Ring will make you feel like your favorite book and movie character. The device looks like nothing more than a silver ring, but is packed with all kinds of electronics that will allow the ring to recognize the user’s finger gestures. The ring can also a number of devices.

Logbar?CEO Takuro Yoshida gave a detailed demonstration of the silver interactive ring in 2013 in San Francisco. The ring can be purchased now, a year after, through?a Kickstarter campaign.


The ring allows the wearer to write text messages by simply drawing in the air. It will recognize the finger gestures the user will make.?Isn’t that just magic? It will also allow the wearer to access applications by drawing designated shapes in the air. For instance, drawing a music note in the air could help the user access the music player. If he draws an envelope shape, he could then be allowed to access his email account.

Aside from entertainment purposes, the ring can also be used for tasks that are on a more serious note. Users could make mobile payments via GPS or?iBeacon?with the device.?It could even be used as a controller for televisions and lights in smart homes.?The company also says that it can be used with various hardware. These devices include the?Pebble?watch, quadcopter drones and even?Google Glass.

To make things easier, there is an associated app with the ring that would allow the user to program original shape gesture commands. Yep, you can definitely make your own shapes. This option is particularly useful for disabled or visually impaired users with unconventional shape patterns.


Simply pressing the side button on the ring will activate it. Users can receive alerts by either feeling a vibration from it. They can also view the discreet little?LED?pinpoints near the button port. Battery is no problem; it can perform up to 1,000 gestures before recharging it.

The only obvious shortcoming of the device is it is not waterproof. This could be a problem for users who would attempt to use it in mobile environments during bad weather. But overall, the device is a must-have for techies. It?is definitely something that would make lives and tasks easier

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