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Lightsaber Review/Customization: Ultrasabers’ Shock

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Lightsaber review/customization: Ultrasabers' Shock

Since the resurgence of the Star Wars films, a lot of old and new fans have come to dabble in the very rich lore the franchise has to offer. With that, comes the iconic weapon of the Jedi and Sith. If you?re an initiate who still thinks lightsabers are limited to what toy stores have to offer, prepare to be blown away with our first lightsaber review.

An elegant weapon from a more civilized age

A lot of independent companies have been inspired in creating their own versions of the franchise?s weapon of choice. Since Disney now wholly owns everything related to Star Wars, these companies have been very careful about the use of trademark and has since crafted customized sabers to the delight of fans.

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These LED powered sabers are no joke. They are duel ready and they sound like the real deal. Similar to fandoms seen in any other tech gadgets, you also have fans who would criticize you for the brand you choose. But, don?t be discouraged. Most of the fans are very helpful, supportive and believe that you should choose whichever brand meets your budget, design and specifications.

Why Ultrasabers?

We chose Ultrsabers for our first lightsaber review and customization since they meet our budget constraints and they can deliver within the timeframe we require. There are a lot of choices out there: Vader?s Vault, Saberforge, Kyberlight, Solo?s Hold and others. Most customized hilts require time to make and Ultrasabers has the fastest turnaround time.

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We?ve purchased from Ultrasabers previously and it only took less than a week from ordering online to receiving the package via FedEx. In comparison, the other companies require at least 3 weeks to prepare?your order and shipping will add to that timeframe. Additionally, Ultrasabers lets you weed out the features you don?t want/need, therefore cutting the price.

It should be noted that these customized hilts can cost at least $200 when you want a saber with sound. That being said, you can?t take any purchase lightly. It should be noted that the other custom saber companies each have something to offer.

The Ultrasabers Shock

The Shock hilt was a complete standout even among the wide array of choices in Ultrasaber?s armory. Inspired by the same weapon Revan used in the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic game, it?s simple but recognizable. The aircraft-grade aluminum is both elegant and sexy, but we decided it needed something else.

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Customization options

There are a lot of ways you can customize your saber and there are a lot of local sabersmiths that are willing to do so for the right price. For this lightsaber review and customization project, we chose a more affordable and creative method that lets us get the look we want without compromising the quality. Hence, we sought help from Autofoil, a leading expert in car wrapping technology.

Auto wrapping has distinct advantages when compared to a complete repaint. Some of them include:

  • Being able to retain the original finish underneath the wrap
  • No disassembly required
  • Requires less time and money to complete

The same advantages can benefit saber customizations. The only drawback to this option is that it can?t cover the grooves within the saber, leaving only the flat parts as your canvass.

Hopefully, our color choice for the AV switch and the covertech wheel makes sense with the finished product. We dubbed this saber as ?Juvia,? after the water mage from Fairy Tail. Her black highlights and the silver lines (hopefully) makes her worthy of the name.

Lightsaber review: Future projects

Our future endeavors include several purchases from different saber sites. We plan on incorporating some of our favorite anime, game and movie characters into different hilts. Tentatively, this includes ideas like a Mishima Zaibatsu themed saber, a hilt inspired by the Green Destiny sword from the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie, and a Macross themed saber.

Of course, we want to hear your ideas. Tell us your thoughts about our first lightsaber?review in the comments section below. Watch the video below:

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Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more lightsaber review and updates.

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