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Life Is Strange Before The Storm Will Have More LGBT Choices

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life is strange before the storm
The game will have more gay choices than the first. [Image from Steam]

The original Life is Strange was praised for it’s use of Queer characters, but also criticized for taking too long to confirm the character’s sexuality. It looks like the upcoming prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, will give fans more LGBT choices for Chloe this time around. With the lack of prominent LGBT characters in gaming, it only seems right to give her more options in the prequel.

During an interview with Waypoint, the new developers expressed interest in exploring more gay options for Chloe. “Even just for us as artists, we looked at what Dontnod did there and we said, “That’s a really good thing to do. We need to do that more. More of us need to do that.” I don’t think it was ever a question. We wanted to continue that unfortunately courageous thing [Dontnod did with the story]. I say unfortunately because I wish it were more normal.”

Some gameplay footage of Life is Strange: Before the Storm has been revealed, showing more gay options for Chloe. It’s up to the player if they want her to end up with Rachel, though the character really seems to be a lesbian, no matter what is chosen. Even if the player chooses to be friends with Rachel, Chloe will admit that she isn’t entirely sure how she feels about her. It’s a big step forward.

Set before the events of Life is Strange, the prequel will focus on the relationship between Chloe and Rachel Amber, the latter of whom was missing in the first game. Max will only make a brief appearance in a bonus episode, which is only available for those that pre-order the collector’s edition of the prequel. Square Enix has stated that they won’t say which ending is canon, since the second season of the game will focus on new characters.

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