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Life Odyssey: New Mobile RPG Mixes Pokemon GO with Final Fantasy

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Fans of augmented reality games are in for a treat with an upcoming mobile RPG called Life Odyssey. Combining the travel aspect of Pokemon GO with basic JRPG elements from games like Final Fantasy, this could be interesting. At the least, it uses augmented reality in a unique way that could lure in players looking for something new.

What’s It About?

Players wake up in an unknown location with a young dragon acting as your companion, kind of like Fairy Tail. Said dragon will help players out, teaching them the basics of turn-based combat and providing info for monsters. The game has several classes players can choose from, all of which are accessible to males and females.

Like most RPGs, each character class in Life Odyssey has certain special attacks that require AP to use. Players can gain AP in each round and save up for special attacks, which is a pretty neat feature. There are also regular attacks, so players don’t always have to be concerned around AP and how much they need to save.

Final Fantasy GO

Players can find enemies in the real-world via the augmented reality function of the game, similar to Pokemon GO’s system. Once tapped, players confront the enemies via turn-based combat which works on a mobile setting, making the battles feel tactical. Frankly, it’s a refreshing change of pace compared to Pokemon GO and could pique the interest fans of the popular spinoff.

Life Odyssey also lets players level up by walking, encouraging players to go out there and maybe make new friends. Even better is the bonuses for players who meet up with their friends who also have the game. This is a feature Pokemon GO could use, since players mostly feel alone when playing the game, unless they’re with friends.

When Is It Coming Out?

According to Siliconera, the mobile RPG will soon have a closed beta, and interested players can sign up. They will have to go to the official website to do so, which is pretty understandable and should be easy enough to do. Currently, there is no release date for the interesting-looking RPG, but one can only hope it comes out this year.

Life Odyssey has no release date yet, but fans can sign up for the beta and try it out soon. Given the similarities to Pokemon GO, this RPG could be a big hit with mobile players.

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