Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Trailer Shows Max Caused The Apocalypse, Will Time Travel To Reverse Events

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A new Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized trailer was released earlier and it revealed tons of fresh plot details and footage about the finale. Drop your expectations for a season 2 because developer Dontnod Entertainment looks to be concluding episode 5 with a bang as the looming apocalypse on Arcadia Bay is no longer sidelined. Time-bending protagonist Maxine Caulfield also hints in the launch trailer that she will face the apocalypse with her powers.

The Cause Of It All [Spoilers]

Max has long been pondering who or what has caused the storm. Whatever happens during the start of the finale seems to have enabled Max to figure-out that she herself was responsible for the looming catastrophe of Arcadia Bay. ?I think that the storm started? everything started when I found out that I could rewind time,? Max said.

With this new plot detail announcement from Max herself, we might now be able to erase speculations that the Prescotts or Mark Jefferson is the culprit for the end of the world. Max seems determined to undo or prevent the destruction that she herself has caused.

?All this destruction is my fault? I can?t let that happen. I can still change things. I just wished I can trust my powers.?

Here?s how Max plans to prevent the apocalypse: ?I need to change fast to make it right again. I have to go back in time. Time to change time.?

The Dark Room

Like in previous teasers, the Life Is Strange Episode 5 trailer again shows Max feeling helpless as she is tied on a chair. Unlike her classmate Kate Marsh, Max is conscious of what?s happening around her as she plans to escape the Dark Room. ?Max come on, think,? she said to herself.

Will Max successfully escape the place alone or with the help of her friends? Will Mark Jefferson explain the cause of the apocalypse? Did Jefferson know from the beginning that Max had time-bending powers and that he has long wanted to abduct Max to prevent the catastrophe?

It looks like a lot of things will be explained in the finale. There are also tons of ways players might alter the events of Episode 5 Polarized and because of this, we might have several endings in the finale. Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized will be released on October 20 for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. If you don’t know anything about the game and still hesitant to purchase it, you can check out our game review.

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