Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Theories: Decisions That Might Alter Events And Ending

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Many are eagerly waiting to see what happens in?Life is Strange?Episode 5 Polarized as it comes out in a few days. Episode 4: Dark Room failed to explain why a disaster looms over Arcadia Bay and the last scene ends on a cliff hanger that brings more questions than answers. The possibilities are endless on what might happen in Episode 5 and instead of guessing what can happen, we help you prepare for the finale by giving you the possible five biggest decisions that might alter the events of the finale. [Major spoilers for episodes 1-4]

Blaming Your Photography Teacher

Jefferson is the killer?!

Jefferson is the killer?!

Episode 4: Dark Room ends with photography teacher Mark Jefferson sedating Max Caulfield and shooting Chloe on the head. Thereafter, Jefferson is glimpsed inside the bunker, showing that he is the one who druged the schoolgirls from Blackwell Academy. Can your prior interactions with Jefferson affect episode 5?

During the principal?s scene in episode 2: Out of Time, players are given a choice to blame Jefferson as one of the culprits why Kate Marsh attempted suicide. Blaming Jefferson will result in principal Ray Wells suspending him from representing the Everyday Heroes contest. Although Jefferson still announced the Everyday Heroes contest during our play through.

Now that we know that Jefferson is the killer (or probably just a pawn of the Prescotts?), getting on his nerves might significantly change the events of the finale. On another note, blaming Jefferson might be one of the requirements for a possible good ending in the game as you detected that he was the main culprit for Kate attempting suicide.

Asking Frank Bowers For The List

There are numerous ways your encounter can end with Frank Bowers in Episode 4 and these two outcomes might affect the last episode the most. Having the encounter end without anyone getting hurt will make Frank your ally and he might help Max in the finale. Meanwhile, killing Frank might cause Chloe to be sent to jail (if Max turns back time to save Chloe).

Frank Bowers can die, but you should try to ally with him.

Frank Bowers can die, but you should try to ally with him.

Saving Kate Marsh

Saving Kate in episode 2 can be quite tricky because you can?t rewind time to change what you say to her. If you saved Kate, Max will visit her in the hospital in Episode 4 and help Max identify Nathan Prescott?s dorm room. Maybe Kate will help Max again in the finale? Or will Max?s fame will burst through the roof if she saves Arcadia Bay? Or will saving Kate just anger Jefferson more?

Save Kate to foil the killer's plans.

Save Kate to foil the killer’s plans.

Saving Victoria Chase?

Should you Victoria about the Dark Room?

Should you warn Victoria about the Dark Room?

In Episode 4, you can easily make Victoria Chase believe your warning to away from Nathan Prescott if you didn?t take a picture of her when she caught paint on her clothes in Chapter 1. Successfully warning Victoria might help save her life. Or it might make her a valuable ally who helps you in the finale.

Siding With The Security Guy

You can evict David.

You can evict David.

Throughout the game, there are a lot of ways you can side or go against David Madsen. But the most notable decision making event happens during ?Episode 3: Chaos Theory? where you can side with either Chloe or David. Siding with David will only cause Chloe to be pissed at Max while siding with Chloe will actually cause David to be evicted from Joyce Price?s house. Which decision might result in the good ending?

One of David?s file hints?that he might be?working with the Prescott?s so it surely is difficult to determine if he is a bad guy or someone who is just over protective and serious about keeping the welfare of Blackwell students. For this writer, siding with David actually looks like one of the requirements to acquire the good ending especially as one of his files in Episode 4 shows that he has ?a surveillance map of Pan Estates.

Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized will be released on October 20, 2015. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.?Below is the teaser trailer for the finale.


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