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Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Review: Spoiler-Free Critique Of The Finale

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The journey of the time-bending hero, Maxine Caulfield, and her buddy, Chloe Price, concludes in Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized. Does the finale bring a satisfying conclusion and does player?s choices hugely impact what happens in the ending? Yes and a bit, but really, no. (Major spoilers below for Episodes 1-4.)

Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Review

Episode 5 immediately picks-up with Max under the care of Mark Jefferson in the Dark Room. Obviously, Max plans to escape the place and with her time-bending powers, players may think that she can easily beat her oppressor with ease. But there are tons of twists and turns that will shock and put you on the edge of your seat especially as there is almost no dull moment in this final episode.

Life Is Strange Review

Stating that the LIS finale opted mainly for shock value for an impressive finale is an understatement to how the developers meticulously and cohesively crafted the story. The LIS finale fully showcases the capabilities of Max?s powers, but more importantly, it also fully shows how her powers have affected the people around her, especially Chloe.

A Grand Journey?

LIS is a non-linear narrative driven game where choices affect the past, present, and future. The game itself constantly reminds players about this but the effects of player choice in alternate timelines have been non-existent in the past episodes. The finale now explores how your major decisions affect the timelines. This last episode is plot-heavy, however, it manages to superbly present various timelines without making the story feeling cheap and complicated.

Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized review

The finale feels like a grand journey where you can see how your previous actions affect characters and you can even delve deeper on your relationship with them. Previous choices such as allying with Frank Bowers, causing David Madsen to be evicted from his home, and successfully warning Victoria about Nathan Prescott have an impact and are all smoothly presented in the game.

I can?t stop running-out of praises for everything that the game offered, however, the story?s ending is certainly divisive as you can?t truly see the payoff of your decisions in the end-part of the game. Players who take pleasure in completing a game to 100% and making all the right decisions just to see the good ending or the ?true ending? will definitely feel disappointed.

Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized

The LIS ending isn?t like other video games where there are three different endings or more which you can get depending on what decisions you have made or how you played the game. The LIS ending opts to invoke a feeling of an interactive narrative story with a grand adventure where the effects of your decisions can be felt in numerous scenes throughout Max?s journey ? and I enjoyed it.

Verdict: Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized feels like a grand adventure with no dull moments filled with well-thought twists and turns. Dontnod Entertainment succeeds in?making a great narrative game as the plot-heavy finale and the player choices are all well-executed. Life Is Strange is one of the best games this year.?I give the finale a perfect 10 out of 10.

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