Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Guide: Code, Where To Go, And What To Do For Those Stuck In The Nightmare Dream Sequence

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Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized has finally been released by Dontnod Entertainment and the finale brings a number of difficult tasks in the trippy nightmare dream sequence of the game. We got you covered from the L-shaped?P.T. like corridor loop sequence until you end the nightmare. Here is our Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized guide for those stuck in the game.

The Endless Corridor Loop

1st Loop: You enter the dark and creepy dormitory hallway after your ?intimate? talk with Mark Jefferson about his Dark Room. Once inside the creepy hallway, first approach Kate Marsh wait for her to stand up. Talk to her and she?ll afterwards leap in front of her room. Enter any room to end the first loop.

2ND Loop: Turn right at the middle of the hallway and you?ll find a key that opens room 218. Locate Dana Ward?s room, 218 , and enter it to end the 2nd loop.

3rd Loop: You know you?re in the 3rd loop if you?re wearing Rachel Amber?s clothes. You?ll hear voices in the background talking about Rachel Amber and you?ll have to go to Amber?s room, 224, to finish this loop. Amber?s room is the first door on your left

4th Loop: In this loop, you?ll play as Victoria Chase. Go to Victoria?s room ,221, to finish this loop.

5th Loop: You?ll now transform to Max Caulfield again in this loop. Go to room 219, the last corridor on the right to finish this sequence.

Towards The Lighthouse

Life Is Strange Guide

In this part, you?ll have to avoid being lit by people?s flashlights. Don?t worry on being detected because you?ll actually have to rewind a few times to get past some areas here. If you get lost, just look at the lighthouse and tread to its direction.

In the park area, you?ll have to collect all five bottles (again) to progress. When you?re done, head to the table and you?ll see that a path towards the lighthouse has?opened.

Diner Bathroom

Life Is Strange Episode 5 Code

You?ll need to find a passcode to open exit the bathroom. There will be tons of numbers littered throughout the bathroom, but don?t try to decipher or test?all of them on the lock. Instead, look at the mirror and you?ll only see a single four-digit-combination reflected. Input the code 0311 to exit the bathroom.

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