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Make Your Life Easier With Google Now

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Google Now is not just a voice assistant rival to Apple?s Siri; it has proven to be useful in several aspects of an ordinary Android user?s daily routine. It has the classic voice command feature but its core feature is the inclusion of cards which provide information based on time, location and a whole lot of more.

Here are some of the things this app can help you with:


1. Travelling

With your permission, Google Now can research things about you and learn from them. If you set addresses for places you often go to like your home, work place or the library, it will let you know how long it?s going to take to get you there. If there is some sort of accident along the way that will cause a traffic jam, it will also let you know how long you?ll have to brave through the traffic. Isn?t that convenient?


If you are travelling abroad, Google Now can also help you out with finding your boarding pass. It will also display it on your phone for the gate attendants to scan. When you finally arrive at your destination, it can provide you with time conversions, currency conversions and a Google Translate card to help you along the way.



Missing a game and keeping up with different sports teams is no longer a problem with Google Now. It has automated cards that provide scores and stats. It will also tell you what games to watch out for in the days to come.


3. Cooking

Finding new recipes to try is now easier with a click on Google Now. You can search ingredients and convert measurements. You can also try and see how to fix a mess you made in the kitchen with this app. Super useful!


4. Music

Aside from the usual help with downloading songs, Google Now aids you in finding that song that?s been stuck on your head but you don?t know the title of. Just sing or recite the lyrics to Google Now, and voila, it will provide you with a link to buy it in Google Play.


?5.?General Information

It?s quicker and easier to find the information you need with Google Now. Just say, ?Okay, Google,? and the hands-free voice assistant will give you what you need ? whether it be the address of your friend?s place or the horoscope for today.


6. Birthdays

No, you don?t have to forget your loved ones? special day all the time. Google Now will help you pick up a gift in advance by reminding you of their birthday. If your friends with someone on Google+ or they?re a Gmail contact and have their birthday listed, you will be given a reminder to give them a greeting.



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