LG webOS Smart+ TV SDK Now Available For App Developers

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Great news for developers who would want to share their talents to the world as LG Electronics unveils its Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers to help them create new LG Smart+ TV apps with greater ease and efficiency.

LG?s SDK promises to simplify the process for developers to write apps which are compatible with the company?s Smart+ TVs. The company said that with their Smart+ TV Emulator, developers will surely be able to set up a virtual webOS TV experience on a PC.

?One key reason behind selecting webOS as our next smart TV operating system was because of its history and origins as a developer-friendly platform,? said Dr. Scott Ahn, LG?s Chief Technology Officer. ?We feel it?s very important for platform owners such as LG to assist developers in creating apps that are highly maximized for our products. In an industry where there is no single dominant standard, expanding the webOS TV ecosystem is a top priority for LG.?

Moreover, the SDK has a developer-friendly user interface and works with standard web technologies, including HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.


LG?s announcement includes the new accompanying website ( that will provide developers with access to all the information they need to create high quality webOS TV apps.
The webOS TV SDK is a tool that provides developers with tools for webOS TV web app development and emulator for testing.


With the new website, developers will surely unleash their talents as the website provides them with tech-related documents, development tips, sample apps, design guide, FAQs and developer forum.


In addition, the website also has the Application Programming Interface (API) guide which will help developers get started almost immediately even without a long orientation process. Furthermore, there are clear step-by-step explanations provided for beginners to webOS.


Excited to create your own app? Join LG webOS TV for Developers now! Be the first one to share, develop, and realize ?the future.

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