LG Expected To Shift To OLED With LG V30; Releasing In Q3 2017

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LG switching to OLED starting with LG V30

While LG is not as big and popular as Samsung and Apple, it still produces one of the best phones in the market. Its current flagship, the LG G6, is one of the few phones in the market that has a dual-camera setup.

Although most of the premium phones in the market right now offer OLED display as a standard, LG stayed with LCD on the LG G6. Now, it seems like the company is ready to move to OLED displays starting with the. upcoming LG V30 flagship phone.

According to The Investor, LG has finally decided to jump onto the OLED bandwagon this year. The product to receive the said display technology will be the LG V30, the successor to last year’s V20.

The report also mentioned that the move to OLED panels will be a permanent one for the company. As for the supply of displays, its sister company, LG Display, will be the main supplier. And production is set to start sometime in July.

LG switching to OLED starting with LG V30

LG V20 (via

Unfortunately, the report did not specify any other details of the phone’s specifications. However, it can be expected that the phone will have the latest 10nm chip from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835.

In addition to this, in keeping with the tradition of the V series, the LG V30 will be equipped with a high-end audio processing chip such as a quad-channel DAC. However, consumers are hoping that this time around, LG will make the high fidelity audio feature available across all markets for the LG V30.

Consumers can expect the LG V30 to have the same high display-to-body form factor as with its predecessor. The only difference this time is that instead of LCD, the display will be of an OLED type.

As for the release date, fans of the brand can expect the new flagship to retail sometime in September this year. For more updates on the LG V30, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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