LG V20 Release Date Rumors: LG Hints LG V10 Sequel In September After Positive Earnings In Q2 2016

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LG announced yesterday that they are already gearing up for the release of their new V series smartphone. Speculations suggest that it may launch with ?LG V20? moniker. ?The news about the LG V10 sucessor came out after publishing the company?s earnings for the second quarter of 2016.

According to LG News Room, the company registered a revenue of $2.86 billion which is 12 percent higher than the previous quarter. Even with the initial slow pick up of the G5 smartphone, a 3-percent increase saw a total of 13.9 million smartphones being shipped by the company.

V20 Launch

With the V10 being the LG?s most successful flagship to date, selling 450000 units on its first 45 days of going on sale, it may be justifiable to do a follow up. Although the company did not specify an exact date, one can only guess based on their wording, that the release will be sometime in September 2016. About the same time other major phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple release their newest smartphones.

LG V10

V20 Specs

First of all, a more solid build. LG can finally ditch their removable battery paradigm and move on to either glass of metal uni-body design. Much like the rest of the major phone manufacturers out there.

Secondly, an upgrade on the processor is also in order. A faster Qualcomm Snapdragon, probably an 820 or 821 will work wonders. To match with either 4 or 6GB of RAM.

Thirdly, a bigger battery. Everyone wants extra battery storage capacity. In order to support today?s power-hungry apps, a 4050mAh capacity – much like Xiaomi?s RedMi Pro – is ideal plus super quick charging capability thanks to the new USB-C standard.

Minor tweaks on the camera wouldn’t go amiss as well. Other improvements include a front-glass embedded finger print scanner and quite possibly a retina scanner as well for added security.

Finally, just in time for the release, Android 7.0 Nougat for the operating system. Overall, the V20 must surpass what the V10 gave to its users. It has to be better in every aspect in order to beat the competition.
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