LG Tone Studio: Speaker Wearable Set To Debut At CES 2017

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lg tone studio

It appears that LG is ready to unveil two of their interesting audio products during 2017?s CES event. The first product goes by the name LG Tone Studio which happens to be a neckband with built-in speakers. The said device could blast music up at the user?s ears using its four speakers.

LG Tone Studio At CES 2017

Apparently, NVIDIA and AMD won?t be the only companies that are making history at CES 2017. At the present time, LG is all set to showcase their audio product named LG Tone Studio. The said device is a neckband that features four built-in speakers that reach the user?s ears.

The two speakers can be found at the top while the other two vibrating speakers are located at the bottom. The unique combination of speakers would provide the user a personal surround sound experience. Obviously, it works best when the user is playing video games, listening to music, or simply watching movies.

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According to the giant South Korean electronics company, they collaborated with DTS to provide a realistic and theater-like sound. And surprisingly, LG stated that those features are guaranteed wherever the user may be. However, the idea is intriguing.

Somehow, it?s hard to imagine a person that wears a neckband solely for music especially when there?s a lot of good portable Bluetooth speakers in the market. Speaking of which, LG is also set to introduce another audio product which happens to be a floating Bluetooth speaker.

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LG Levitating Portable Speaker

lg tone studio

The said device goes by the name Levitating Portable Speaker. And as the name implies, it does hover above the round base. The base, on the other hand, contains the required electromagnets to make the speaker levitate. Furthermore, it has 10-hour battery life and provides a 360-degree sound.

And if the battery starts to go down, the speaker will simply land to the base station. After it has descended, it will then begin to charge wirelessly. On the other hand, the base of the speaker also has built-in subwoofers for bass.

In addition, the water resistance of the said speaker is certified IPX7. Furthermore, LG will showcase both of the device next week at CES 2017.

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