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LG to develop Universal Credit Card technology to make mobile payments and to be unveiled at MWC 2016

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As Google, Apple, and Samsung race against each other to introduce the mobile payments solutions for the upcoming devices, it seems that LG has a different plan altogether. According to a report, the South Korean company is currently trying to develop a payment system and named as ?the White Card?.

According ETNews, LG is reportedly developing a universal credit card, dubbed as White Card. Apparently, the card will have ‘LG Pay’ etched on it. It will be storing all the information of your credit cards you feed. The idea behind the technology is to make users payment experience a less fussy. It may be launched at its Mobile World Congress event later this month.

It also reports that LG’s universal credit card technology is said to have a low-power display and prompt the user about the status of different cards timely. A button will also be included to select a card for the user.

Interestingly, instead of involving smartphone in the payment system, LG has come up with the Universal Credit Card technology to take on the current payment system bandwagon. Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay is an app which will be included in the smartphone as default from the company which enables the respective smartphone owners to make purchases using their device as the identity factor. Although LG?s solution is a different one, it is already appears to be a outdated take on the matter.

The above image shows that the supposed card features a battery bar and a connector on the left side is also included, which indicates that the LG Pay?s White Card bears a battery of sorts. It seems that users need to be charged. However, the shortcoming would be, the card will not work with new chip readers. This would make difficult for LG to make a good sale.

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