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LG PJ9 Levitating Speakers Specs & Price; Release In The Works

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LG?s PJ9 Levitating Speakers

It seems LG couldn?t keep their next big piece of tech a secret any longer and decided to unveil it just before 2016 ends. Join us as we take a look into LG PJ9 levitating bluetooth speakers.


The LG PJ9 levitating bluetooth speakers may look like the first of its kind but levitating Bluetooth speakers have already been around for a few years now. What makes LG?s version so special is the fact that it is the first to be backed by such a large tech company such as LG. Not to mention, it looks phenomenal hands down.

The real speakers levitate above the round base. LG has also named the base at the Levitation Station of the speaker system.

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The Levitation Station uses powerful electro magnet in order to levitate the speakers. The Levitation also houses the subwoofer for the bass.

The speakers not only look cool but they?re set to also bring great sound to users. Due to its egg shaped design, the speakers can deliver 360 degree sound. It was revealed in the press release that the ?LG PJ9?s will produce a ?deep bass, flush mid-range tones, and crisp highs.?

As for functionality, the speaker may look great in any interior but LG has designed it to meet a number of outdoor uses. The device can last long extended sessions of play time with its 10-hour battery life. And when it does run out of battery, the floating speakers will automatically descend into the base station, ready for recharging.

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The portable levitating speakers are also ready take on harsh environment. The speakers has been given an IPX7 water resistance rating. This allows the speakers to withstand one meter water immersion for at least 30 minutes.


There is no official word out from LG on just how much the futuristic looking LG PJ9 levitating bluetooth speakers will cost. However, similar products in the market are priced on average from $150 to $200. Considering that LG?s model looks to be a high end variant, it may fall under the $250 tp $300 price range.

However with CES2017 kicking off just next week, odds are LG will be giving us more details on the LG PJ9 levitating bluetooth speakers? specs and pricing during the event. LG?s recent press release to showcase the speakers was most likely a bid to start gaining attention just before the upcoming event (and it certainly worked).?

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