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?LG Nexus 5 2015? Leaked Photos Show Fingerprint Scanner, Laser Focus, And More!

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After Google stopped its distribution of their Android smartphone, Nexus 5, earlier this year, people have been hearing talks about a new phone that the multinational company will launch, shared by the Verge. Rumors have been floating around about a new remodel of their flagship phone, suggesting that Google is in collaboration with partners LG and Huawei to assemble two new Nexus phones, according to the Verge.

LG Nexus 5

The Korean manufacturer has collaborated with Google to produce a rumored 5.2-inch model of the popular Nexus phone. A leaked photo popped up on social media originally posted in the Nexus Indonesia Google+ community, according to the Verge. The photo, spotted by social media user Marques Brownlee, shows the back of a Nexus device apparently designed in white. And at the lower end of the picture shows a sticker with a small red circle that may appear to be LG?s logo, which suggests the genuine partnership with Google. At the top of the back is a camera lens with another circle underneath it, which is rumored to be the fingerprint scanner, posted by the Verge. Other specs include a laser focus, dual-LED, an iPhone 6 style flash and a plastic base, shared by Engadget.

Huawei Nexus 6

On the other hand, the rumored Huawei device is a larger 5.7-inch smartphone with more expensive specs. The device may also feature the same rear fingerprint scanner as the LG Nexus 5. And according to, ?the renders are based on detailed blueprints of the device sent out to third-party accessory manufacturers ahead of the phone?s release.

Although there is no substantial information regarding if both the devices are the proposed schemes, the devices are likely to be produced in the fall of this year along with the release of Android M, shared by the Verge.

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