LG Lifeband Touch Takes Off May 18

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LG announced Thursday that the LG Lifeband Touch and its Heart Rate Earphones, are set to launch on May 18 in the U.S. The availability of the fitness band will reach Europe and Asia soon after. No pricing information has been given.


The new LG Lifeband Touch may seem like the other wearables presented at CES 2014, but this could be part of LG?s plan. Instead of competing with the likes of Samsung by presenting a feature ? studded wearable like the Galaxy Gear, the Lifeband looks practical and very health ? oriented.

Fitness Tracker with Altimeter

The Lifeband Touch has an open end and wraps around your wrist. It works with both Android and iOS. The fitness tracking feature is accelerometer ? based and comes with an altimeter, meaning the product is water ? resistant.

The fitness band also lights up when you lift your hand to check details on the display. The swipe ? and ? tap menu and its icons look similar with other fitness devices, such as the Fitbit Force and Withings Pulse. However, the Lifeband offers extra features that are unique, including call notifications, music controls, call silencing, and volume control. While it cannot track sleeping patterns, it does connect with external heart rate monitors.

LG?s app is easy to use and can incorporate popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. It does not create a specialized fitness ecosystem, making the Lifeband open and definitely user ? friendly.

Heart Rate Earphones

Another great thing about the Lifeband Touch is that you can use LG?s own Heart Rate Earphones. It may surprise you, but these earphones have a sensor in each earbud called PerformTek. It works by continuously sending oxygen consumption and heart rate data via Bluetooth.

Jim Clayton, executive vice president of the New Business Division at LG, explained that the Lifeband is designed to last 23 hours more when you are not engaging in any fitness activity. The additional features, such as phone ? extension and call notification, are there to help extend the product?s usefulness.

LG?s Lifeband Touch is another inclusion to the wearable tech market at CES and the tech industry. This also indicates that fitness tech is beginning to level up expectations, as well.

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