LG G6 News & Release Date: Mobile Early Release Set To Overtake Competitors

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Nobody would?ve thought that LG G6 release date will be sooner. LG Electronics plans to release their next flagship smartphone called G6 a month earlier than the usual order. It appears that LG Electronics has something under their sleeves that might come out as a surprise.

LG G6 Release Date is Sooner and Here?s Why

Apparently, LG Electronics is releasing their next flagship smartphone sooner than their usual schedule to have an advantage over their rivals. An official statement at the Mobile World Congress would indicate that the LG G6 could be available in a few markets starting next year. LG has always been a little bit slow in releasing their devices around the world.

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LG G6 release date might be at the end of February or early March next year. The LG G6?s predecessor LG G5 was released on March 31st. And if the rumors are proven true, it means that it would arrive a month earlier in the least. It appears that LG Electronics is pushing forward the release of their next flagship smartphone to increase its sales volume.

It appears that LG is trying to get back on their feet. Apparently, LG has been losing their smartphone business for the last six quarters. In addition, the sales of their G5 model smartphone is quite weak and made things worse since last year.

LG g6 release date

LG G6 Specs

LG is reportedly removing the modular design for their G6 model smartphone. According to reports, the said device is going to be focused on providing important functions such as wireless charging, waterproof features, and mobile payment. On the other hand, the LG G6 specs are undoubtedly good that might actually get positive results for the company.

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Rumors suggest that LG G6 is going to feature a 5.6? 4K display and a screen resolution of 4096x2160p. As for the camera, it is said to be sporting a 24-megapixel on the back and 7-megapixels for the front. The phone will also feature dual LED flash, as well as auto laser focus which happens to be important for a phone in this price range.

When it comes to internal hardware, the LG G6 is said to be powered by Snapdragon Qualcomm 8-core processor at 3.0GHz. This could be the fastest CPU in LG?s G-series smartphones. As for the operating system, it will run the latest version of Android?s Nougat OS.

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