LG G6 Release At MWC 2017; Price and Availability

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LG is expected to release a new smartphone, the LG G6, during next year?s Mobile World Congress in Spain. However, rumor has it that the phone will actually go on sale a bit earlier than previously and may hit the stores’ shelves in February or March.

According to Android Authority, the strategy behind the early sale has something to do with Samsung?s rumored release for the Galaxy S8. For weeks now, it has been iterated many times that Samsung will unveil its much awaited Galaxy S8 in April next year. Because of this, LG has decided to release the LG G6 at least a month earlier than expected.

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The decision for the early release is to give the LG G6 more time to penetrate the market. This gives the phone a chance to be sold before the market gets flooded with other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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Apart from the early release, there are other things that make the LG G6 quite interesting. First of which is the rumored modular design that it took from its predecessor, the LG G5. Rumor has it that LG will continue on the famous design and reflect it on the upcoming phone iteration.

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There are also rumors that LG will opt for an AMOLED display instead of the usual LCD like in their previous releases. There is a chance that LG will keep the original display size, which is 5.3 inches. Although the probability of increasing the screen size is also high due to rumors of a?change in display technology.

Of course, in keeping with the latest trend in technology, LG will also use the Snapdragon 835 on the LG G6. This will be paired with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. So, it will surely bring a massive performance boost on the device.

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In addition to top-notch specs, the LG G6 will also support dual camera system just like the LG G5. Furthermore, consumers can expect more pixels on the upcoming LG G6 cameras on its release.

To date, LG has not given any indication on the actual price of the LG G6. Nonetheless, anyone thinking of getting the phone can expect to dish out something between $600 and $700.

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