LG G5 to Feature Removable Battery

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The LG G5 has yet to be announced but there are already several accessories which have already surfaced which are associated with the upcoming smartphone. A couple of weeks ago, the company has announced a Quick Cover case for an unreleased smartphone which everyone knew was the G5. Now, a leaked photo has confirmed that the LG G5 will feature a removable battery.

In a report by The Verge, a leaked photo of a removable battery for the LG G5 was published in a Chinese tech website. The picture shows the removable battery as well as the retail box that it comes in. Earlier rumors of a removable battery pack for the LG G5 appear to be true as the pictured accessory shows that the company is indeed going to offer it as an optional accessory for their upcoming flagship smartphone.

It was earlier reported that the LG G5 would feature a ?Magic Slot? but not many people knew what it was and how it worked. In a recent leaked photo from Android Authority, we were able to see a first look at the ?Magic Slot? in action as it showed a module which was attached to the back of the device. While that picture was not a removable battery module as what some assumed, it does show that the ?Magic Slot? can accommodate different modules and accessories.

This is really an interesting change which has been incorporated by the LG G5 as it allows a number of exciting possibilities for the smartphone. It can start the development of different modules such as a camera module which can really help improve the overall performance of the phone.

With the announcement of the upcoming LG G5 is only a couple of days away, expect to find out more details about the flagship smartphone and its ?Magic Slot?.

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