LG G4 Specs: 4 Reasons Why You Need To Wait For The LG G4

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Planning to buy the LG G3 You may have to wait for the LG G4 instead. Here?s why. (Image courtesy of LG)

LG?s next flagship smartphone, the LG G4, is due to be unveiled soon. As 2015 continues to drag on, more and more rumors are starting to surface casting a sliver of light to the much awaited device?s features.

The South Korean electronic giant?s current front runner, the LG G3, has been reviewed by various tech sites and arrived as one of the best smartphones of 2014. But if you are planning to get it now, you may have to wait for a little longer as the next smartphone is widely believed to offer specs that will significantly eclipse those of its predecessor. Here are some of them.


There are speculations that the upcoming LG handset will come with a dual camera setup which is initially popularized by the HTC One M8 model. Tech site first reported about this, citing sources from Korea. IF you?re not familiar with what a dual camera setup can do, it basically allows users to greatly enhance the quality of their snapped photos and process images using various effects–the most remarkable of them is ?depth of field? or 3D effect.

While last year?s LG G3 came with a 13MP main cam with OIS+ (optical image stabilization), the LG G4 is expected to offer an even better 16MP rear camera which is also equipped with OIS+ along with an improved front shooter.


LG has set the bar in the U.S. when it launched the first device furnished with a 2K display, the LG G3, last year. Folks from GottaBeMobile are predicting that the company may be planning to outdo itself by introducing the LG G4 with a 2880×1620 resolution or 3K display. The screen size is still pegged at 5.5-inches and the bezel will reportedly maintain its thin profile.


The device maker announced the latest iteration of their curved smartphone model last month, the LG G Flex 2. The handset already sports the latest Snapdragon 810 system-on-chip?from Qualcomm and a generous 3GB worth of RAM. Given that the LG G4 is the company?s flagship model, it?s very probable that it will house the said chipset along with the same 3GB RAM or perhaps a more powerful 4GB memory.


One interesting rumor about the LG G4 is the inclusion of a built-in stylus. GottaBeMobile cited reports about this feature and mentioned it?ll be a bold move for the company. The LG G3 didn?t come with this accessory and if this speculation proved to be accurate, the LG G4 will then be placed in direct competition with the Galaxy Note 4 (or Note 5) along with apparent rivals like the iPhone 6S or Galaxy S6.


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