LG G4 Leak: LG H810 With QHD Display Could Be The Next LG Flagship

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New details emerge about the upcoming LG G4 model; might come with QHD screen and stylus. (Pictured – LG G3; Image courtesy of LG)

We know that LG will unveil their 2015 flagship sooner or later. However, some folks cannot just sit back and wait for them to make it official. If you?re one of those people and also happen to be an LG fan, you may be pleased to know a little about what the electronics giant has in store. The company?s next flagship, widely believed to be called LG G4, has been treated with another leak. Learn more about it below.

The source

A leaked RDF file reveals a certain LG Electronics handset with model number LG H810., the site that first reported about the document, mentioned that its sources believes this is the company?s LG G4 smartphone for AT&T. While there?s no way to tell if that is accurate, it may be a sensible assumption as the AT&T variant of the new LG G Flex 2 has the model number LG H950.

Leaked RDF file suggests that the LG G4 has a QHD screen with model number LG H810 (Image courtesy of

Leaked RDF file suggests that the LG G4 has a QHD screen with model number LG H810 (Image courtesy of

LG G4 rumored specs

The RDF file also gives us another detail about the unannounced device. It indicates a smartphone display with QHD or 1448×2560 pixel resolution. That?s not a very meaningful discovery considering that the current LG G3 flagship already sports a vivid QHD screen.

In an earlier leak, a Greek tech site divulged via its source that the LG G4 will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and a 16-megapixel main camera which is a notable upgrade from the 13MP that is carried by its predecessor. The device will reportedy be furnished with a slightly smaller 5.3-inch display. Meanwhile, another report from ?a China-base website suggests that upcoming LG flagship will feature a stylus. If that?s accurate, it will put the handset in direct competition with Samsung?s Galaxy Note 4.

Release date

These specifications are all but confirmed but we don?t have to wait much longer for LG to bring their new handset out it the open. The LG G4 is expected to be launched on March during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain.


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