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LG Launches New G4 Beat: Impresses Midrange Smartphone Market

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LG recently just launched it?s flagship phone, the LG G4?s baby sister: The LG G4 Beat, and we?re loving its simple, yet powerful features. Here are the highlights:


LG?s design has always been superb and they have garnered numerous rewards for their phone?s design over the years. It was so good that even Asus?s Zenfone 2 took the old looks of the LG G2 and plastered it on their phone.

LG G4 gave consumers a choice of purchasing either a metallic or ceramic back cover, or the sexy eye-catching leatherback cover which looks stylish and classy like the film camera days of yore. The G4 Beat will still bare the same skin and will actually only have minor differences in looks from its higher end sibling, thus. Doing this helps retains its looks of as a flagship device, and most of the differences were in the innards that placed this phone in the mid-range category. This however doesn?t mean that it is a slouch in the performance department.

This doesn?t however mean that the phone isn?t powerful, moreover, it looks to be well optimized as the LG didn?t force power hungry and over demanding specs.

LG actually has a well balanced phone, and all specs are great.

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First, the LG G4 Beat will only have less .3-inches as compared to its 5.5-inch sibling. This means that the LG G4 Beat will actually consume less power and is actually the standard size for mid-range phones, a plus especially to those who aren?t acquainted with using phablets. LG G4 Beat will even have the same high-screen resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus.

The only downside of the g4 Beat is the low amount of internet storage as it caps only at 8GB. Micro SD card slot has not been mentioned. The Phone?s powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor may actually easily drain the battery the 2300MAH battery, but it might still last for the whole day.

The LG G4 Beat will also have a powerful snapper. Its 8 megapixel back camera will have LG?s Color Spectrum Sensor and Laser Auto Focus to ensure that your colors are nice and bright. The 5 megapixel back camera will appease selfie shooters as they have included a gesture interval shot which enables it to takes several selfie photos with the use of a simple hand gesture.

The LG G4 Beat will only be slightly smaller in size and in power than its sibling. But the LG G4 was already powerful enough to begin with, so a slight downsize is actually not a bad thing.

The phone will release this July in Europe, Latin American, France, Germany, and Brazil before it moves globally to reach Canada, India, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, and many others.

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