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LG G3 New Features: New User Interface, Concierge App and QHD or 2K Display Resolution

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LG G3 features new and modern user interface according to a leak which shows flatter and brighter icons compared to the previous LG Optimus UI.

LG G3 UI Revamped

LG will release a new user interface for their future devices and it is debuting on the upcoming LG G3 smartphone. Digital Trends caught the screenshots containing the leaks of the UI revamped by LG, that shows flatter and brighter icons.

Moreover, the new UI features a revamped weather widget with built-in suggestions, cleaner looking notifications screen and circular icons. Notifications also include details such as text, but unseen external functions like reply or share.

QSlide feature is also found on the notifications shade that includes shortcuts for the dialler, contacts, calendar, calculator and message apps. Transparency is another element revealed by the UI revamp and it is obvious on the notification area and soft key buttons.

Overall, the cleaner and flatter user interface resembles vanilla from Android or Nexus devices which is probably lighter compared to the heavy-packed UI before.

LG G3 Features

Aside from the leaked user interface, LG G3 seems to feature a 2K or QHD display resolution after Digital Trends found out that the screenshot has a resolution size of 2560 x 1440 which confirms early reports of G3 having 2K display.

On top of those two new major changes, LG G3 offers a new feature called ?Concierge.? Concierge is an advanced form of personalisation tool made by LG that will debut on G3 this year. The service collects information from various sources and observes your usage on the smartphone then recommend stuff based on the gathered data.

Concierge acts similarly with Google Now but it is beyond ?what Google offers for LG smartphone owners.

LG G3 and G2 Interfaces

If compared closely with G2, G3 offers less graphical icons, widgets and user interface. Weather widget on G2 has heavier elements, such as raindrops on the screen with a background of the city, while on G3; it only displays the temperature and status through text.

It goes the same with icons on the home screen as G2 features more colours and depth while G3 offers minimalistic design. For the notifications shade, G2 holds several icons and shortcuts with a dark background unlike on G3 that offers transparent background and fewer graphic on every icon.

Check out the leaked user interface revamp by LG on the upcoming G3 smartphone by clicking here.

Photo Source: LG

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