LG G3 Mod: How To Fix Low Headphone and Speaker Volume

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Is your LG G3 not loud enough? Check out these workarounds. (Image courtesy of LG)

We?ve already told about the some of the most common problems that users encounter with their LG G3 handset. However, it looks like a lot of others are noticing that LG?s 2014 flagship is struggling in the audio department. It may seem that the issue is hardware-related but an XDA member has come up with a modification or ?mod? that addresses the problem on the software-side.

The problem

A number of LG G3 owners are reporting that their device?s headphone and speaker volume is noticeably low. There are users who noticed that the sound issue is still there even ?when the phone is connected to their car via an auxiliary cable. There is still no word from LG that acknowledges or denies these complaints about their current flagship.

How to install LG G3 volume booster mod

If you?re looking for ways on how to get around this problem, a crafty XDA senior member named ?Spiderio? posted a thread showing how to install a mod that boosts the handset?s speaker and headphone volumes.

Provided you have some knowledge on tweaking the Android OS, installing this mod is relatively easy. It involves modifying the device audio files with the code provided by the developer. It also requires your LG G3 to be rooted beforehand. Instead of just posting the modified audio files, the dev posted a tutorial so users can choose to increase the audio levels to their liking. Head over to this XDA forum thread to follow the full instructions given by Spiderio. Download links for the necessary files are also included there.

Volume Booster app

Meanwhile, if you?re not keen on modifying the inner workings of your phone yourself, you can just download the ?Volume Booster LG G3? app. It readily fixes the volume issue of various LG G3 models like D850, D851, VS985, and more. The app currently has a 4.1-star rating on Google Play and it does require your phone to be rooted first.



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