LG G3 Lock Screen – Tips On How To Customize

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Make your LG G3 lock screen your own by customizing and adding your own flavor.

Make your LG G3 lock screen your own by customizing and adding your own flavor.


Lock screens provides a way to allow (or keep out) users into the smartphone. LG?s latest flagship, the LG G3, proves to be a worthy player in the fiercely competitive field of high-end smartphones. It?s unique lock screen may just be one of its many key attributes, given it?s popular ?QuickCircle? feature. There are a handful of ways for you to customize the LG G3 lock screen and brand it with your own personal touch. Here?s how.

Different ways to unlock

The South Korean device maker has offered a unique way to unlock their recent smartphones, the Knock Code. The idea is to have you tap onto a 2×2 grid. You get to set your own combination; a minimum of two taps is required and you can use as many as eight. It?s possible to tap the same quadrant eight times if you prefer.

For all other available unlocking options, here is a quick summary:

  • PIN Lock: ?Lets you choose a combination of numbers to unlock your device. There?s a cool option where the phone can jumble out the numeric keypad so the number keys appear in random order. You can also decide whether the keypad will appear when you first turn on the screen or not.
  • Pattern Lock: ?If you?ve used Android long enough you?ll know how this works. As the name suggests, you get to set a unique pattern to gain access to your device. You can choose if you want the LG G3 lock screen to display the pattern dots or not. There are also three appearance options to choose from.
  • Password Lock: ?One tap is all you need to bring this up. You can decide whether the password keypad will appear when you first turn on the screen.
  • Face Unlock: ?Awesome as it sounds, this feature may not work efficiently all the time so you still need to set a backup PIN beforehand.

Customization Options

Yes, security is of utmost importance but you shouldn?t always sacrifice creativity (or in this case, personalization) in return. The LG G3 lock screen offers a handful of ways in which you can customize.

  • Widgets: ?We?ve just told you about the best widgets out there. To get them up and running right from the LG G3 lock screen, be sure to enable it in the phone?s settings.
  • Wallpaper: ?Again, no need to elaborate. The LG G3 allows you to set a lock screen wallpaper of your choice that is different from that of the home screen.
  • Shortcuts: ?You have the option to choose five applications you want to have quick access to right from the LG G3 lock screen.
  • Weather Animation: ?If you turn this on you get to see a cool moving visual impression of what’s the weather like outside. Of course, it?s not always 100% accurate.
  • New Messages and Missed Calls: ?Shows a preview of newly received messages and individual alerts of any calls you missed.


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