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LG G Watch Could Have Its Own 3G Connectivity: Possible Standalone Smartwatch Might Be Able To Make Calls

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The LG G Watch

After putting millions of wristwatches to rest with their smartphones, Google and LG is set to bring them back with the impending release of the LG G Watch. The existence of the smartwatch has been announced yesterday with the launch of the LG G3 flagship phone. But its purpose is apparently just to showcase Google and LG?s partnership and did not mention anything about the device?s features.

Tech observers have already seen a lot of rumors about the LG G Watch. It?s already confirmed that it will be powered by Google?s Android Wear OS. Expected features include its water resistant properties and availability in different colors. New reports suggest that the device will sport a built-in SIM card. According to Korean website, the smartwatch will come equipped with a non-removable SIM card that will enable it to connect to 3G networks and in turn possibly make its own calls.

At present, LG has not confirmed such feature. Moreover, it is not clear why the device maker will incorporate it as Google?s Android Wear guidelines mentioned that devices powered by its OS should only function when connected to a smartphone. Nevertheless, a Korean telecom company called LG U+ is already believed to be planning an LG G Watch launch with the built-in SIM card.

More recent reports include LG UK?s confirmation that the G Watch will be launched in July carrying a price tag of around ? 180 (about $ 300). Other heavily rumored specs of the watch include a 512 RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, and 1.6-inch, 280 x 280 resolution display. If the sources? information proves to be accurate, the LG G Watch will only be available through the Google Play Store or via LG?s official and partner retail stores.

The LG G Watch is widely seen as a precursor to Google?s very own ?Nexus Smartwatch? that the tech titan is planning to develop. All of these speculations would have to remain as such until the Google I/O event on June 25, which observers will have to wait for.


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