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LG Android Wear ? LG G Watch ? Launches Promo Video ; Release Date, Price, Specs and Features Reported

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LG Android Wear ? LG G Watch ? Launches Promo Video ; Release Date, Price, Specs and Features Reported

LG is going full swing with its Android Wear called the LG G Watch. Not only has it released the launch date, features and specs, but it also came out with a ?teaser? video.

The video gives many smartwatch fans a good look at the upcoming device, although the clip does not reveal a lot of details. (For the video, scroll down to the end of the article).

The video, as well as ?reports? about the smartwatch, shows the LG G Watch sporting a dust and water resistant metal body. The device is, of course, being an Android wear, compatible with all kinds of Android devices. The video clip describes the LG G Watch as a ?sleek and lightweight? device that is ?ready for anything, anytime, with a single charge.?

The release date of the LG G Watch is reportedly on the 2nd quarter of 2014. The exact date will be revealed during the LG event in London this May 27, 2014.

Other details aside from being water and dust resistant, that is reported, is that the wearable is ?always on? with the ?OK Google? voice control. The smartwatch will also feature ?displayed? information that is Google related ? maps, reminders, travel info and weather.

A surprising feature is that the LG G Watch can also reportedly be used to play music.

The smartwatch display is pegged at 1.85 inches and storage at 4GB onboard.

The LG G Watch will be initially available in two elegant colors, aptly named, Champagne Gold and Stealth Black.

The additional information from LG is a welcome development, since LG simply announced the LG G Watch right after Google announced the launch of the Android Wear OS, without revealing any bit of detail (aside from running on Android Wear and a quick image) on the supposed wearable.

LG revealed these details to tech site Pocket-lint (site URL below), and even provided the tech site with a non-functioning prototype for a hands-on experience. This did not reveal much about the features, but at least gives us more details on the final design of the LG G Watch.

Pocket-lint is quoted as saying that ? As the original mock-up pictures, already revealed by LG suggested, there will be no buttons on the device at all. The design offered a solid, seamless build that wasn?t heavy, but certainly felt premium.?

The prototype also revealed that the LG G Watch will come with interchangeable watch-straps.

The tech site also said that the wearable will be available in the UK before July 2014 and will cost around ?180.

LG G Watch promotional Video ( LG Mobile Global / YouTube):


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