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LG and Google G Watch Android Wear Device To Come Out In June

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LG and Google G Watch Android Wear Device To Come Out In June

The wearable smart devices arena continues to excite many tech watchers. Major players like Samsung and Apple are gearing up their own line-up of smart wearable devices that are rumored to be coming out this year.

LG, another major player in the smartphone industry, is teaming up with Google to launch Google’s 1st Android Wear smartwatch, with the coming ?G Watch?.

The G Watch, according to reports based on LG’s unit in France, may be in the market as early as June of this year. This timing will coincide with Google’s Developer Conference in June 2014.

Based on the report revealed by Les Numeriques, a French news site, LG and Google’s G Watch may be launched in June 2014, with a price tag of 199 Euros or approximately US$ 275 dollars. Les Numerique reportedly received confirmation from the LG unit in France.

The reported launch date and price tag are supposedly applicable only for the French market, but analysts say that this will be indicative of LG and Google’s plans in terms of price and global release.

This is Google’s first attempt to market a smartwatch device. Although their Google Glass is a pioneer in the ?smart glasses? line, many other companies have introduced smartwatches in the past months and years.

With the G Watch, Google is reportedly paving the way for a line of smartwatches that will operate under the Android Wear operating system. Android Wear is an Android system that is tailor made for wearable devices.

Ken Hong, a spokesman for LG, refused to comment about the rumored launch of the G Watch, according to tech media who sought confirmation. Online media also said no one from Google could be reached to confirm or deny the report.

Google will be having its Google I/O Developer Conference on June 25, 2014 and will be held for two days at the Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street, in San Francisco, California.

A number of smartwatches under the Android Wear OS, are being reported to be in the works, with the G Watch leading the way. The Moto 360 from Motorola is reportedly under development, while HTC is rumored to have a smartwatch ready by the end of 2014, in time for the Christmas holiday season.


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