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Level up your parenting role by teaching your kids a skill that’ll help them as they grow

Mold your kids’ confidence or become a certified coach with this program

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The most critical stage of a child’s growth is when he’s receptive to instructions. And while different forms of influence frequently come to his perception like television, peers, and other factors, the role of parents will be vital in filtering what’s only beneficial. One of these aspects that parents must emphasize is molding the kid’s confidence.

To do it effectively, consider taking the Self-Esteem for Children Coaching Certification.

What certification is this?

The Self-Esteem for Children Coaching Certification is one way you could impact the lives of children by paving their way towards exploring themselves. By taking on this program, you will learn the best secrets to creating champion kids and helping them overcome threats to their self-esteem.

How do I start this career?

To begin with this coaching stint, you need to undergo the training and certification process to qualify you to accept clients. And as soon as you earn the certification, you will see your name, address, and contact information on the Center for Personal Reinvention with minimal posting charges. That way, you can start taking clients and decide the fees on your own.

What are my deliverables as a coach?
Note that your output should be prominent on the kid’s end. These include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Personal effectiveness
  • The ability to reach their full potential

What materials will I have to use?


  • 30 downloadable audios
  • Five downloadable videos
  • 50-question certification multiple choice test
  • 170-page e-book

How will I know I got certified?

Every training course comes with an examination. This certification will make you take a 50-item multiple-choice test, and all you need is to get correct answers of at least 70% of the total number of items. The first examination is free, and you will have to pay extra fees should you fail on your first try.

Now, you don’t only get an opportunity to step up your parenting game or level up your career – you can also do something to help kids elevate their self-esteem so they can live their best lives!