Level up your cat parenting using these ice cream-inspired toys that can keep boredom at bay

These toys come with vacuum-like sensors that free them from possible traps

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Pets need fun just as humans do. It needs not be the same as what we enjoy for as long as our animals remain interactive most of the time. And while your pets can get rid of their toys all of a sudden, it’s best to give them something they’ll love every day. Let me share one perfect product that won’t cost you much but will surely keep your cats busy.

Give them Cheerble, and they’ll never have to be bored again!

What is Cheerble?

The Cheerble Ice Cream Ball can be your new way to activate sleepy cats. This toy comes in different colors inspired by your favorite ice cream flavors, making pet playtime more fun. These balls can also work even when you’re not around. That means you can leave your house all you want without your cats knowing it.

How does it work?

Cheerble is like any yarn ball cats love, except that it doesn’t have threads anymore. They’re more interactive with an auto-move feature that keeps your cats accompanied all the time. Don’t worry if your cat’s a bit low on energy since this toy has three different interaction modes. So, there’s no way this toy won’t match your cat’s activity level.

What other features does it have?
  • Premium durable silicone body
  • USB rechargeable
  • 10-minute play with 30-minute rest intervals

Will this get me searching under cabinets?

Don’t worry! Cheerble is only one among a few toys with a sensor like that of a robotic vacuum. It has an automatic obstacle avoidance system, which keeps the ball away from traps, holes, and any other form of obstruction.


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