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Level up your workouts with this app that uses a smart strength ball

They have other smart workout equipment, too.

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Improve your workout routines every day with DribbleUp's smart strength ball:

  • Perfect for fitness enthusiasts from all backgrounds and levels
  • Virtually monitors and tracks the quality of your workouts
  • Can be used with a wide selection of live classes on an app

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Tired of your usual workout routines? Looking for a way to add a twist to your home workouts? Check out DribbleUp, a mobile fitness app that harnesses the power of smart technology in fitness equipment and pairs it with live virtual workout classes for a one-of-a-kind workout experience!

Perfect for Any Fitness Level

DribbleUp is suitable for people who are looking to improve their strength or perform cardio workouts at home. With nothing but the equipment that they can provide, you can already get in workouts for your upper body, lower body, abs, and more – all from the comfort of your own home!

Virtually Track the Quality of Your Workouts

DribbleUp’s Smart Strength Ball is a piece of smart fitness equipment that comes in 6 lbs and 10 lbs (choose the one that best suits your strength and fitness level!). It aims to improve the quality and difficulty of your bodyweight exercises and is meant to be combined with DribbleUp’s live classes, which will improve your core strength, mobility, and cardio endurance. To ensure that your movements are done correctly, DribbleUp uses advanced computer vision technology that can track the strength ball and record your reps and movements.

A Wide Selection of Live Classes

No matter what your current workout experience is like, you are sure to find a DribbleUp class that will suit your personal preference and needs. The DribbleUp mobile app also ensures that you are accountable for your daily workouts through their leaderboard and community of users that keep you inspired and motivated to continue your routine.