Let your senses unwind and get a more quality shut-eye with this lavender eye pillow

Because giving yourself a TLC should become a daily habit

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When you think about your ideal night’s sleep, what comes into your mind? Do you think of feeling soft sheets underneath your body? A soft and sweet scent around your room? A calm and relaxing ambiance conducive for sleep? If these are the things that make you drift off to dreamland, we’ve got some good news for you.

Here’s a very simple all in one solution that doesn’t need to do a lot but is certainly effective in calming your senses and easing your body so you’re all set for a deep and uninterrupted sleep. Get to know this Lavender Eye Mask from Serenity Now.

What is this Lavender Eye Mask about?

Lavender Eye Mask from Serenity Now is your one of a kind eye mask that does more than shut out lights to get you to fall asleep. It is designed to not only shield you from the brightness that keeps you up at night but to let all of your senses unwind and relax to make sleeping easier and deeper and more rejuvenating.

How do you use this eye mask?

Lavender Eye Mask is used by simply spritzing water on it and heating it in the microwave for about 30 to 45 minutes. You can continue to increase the duration by a 20 second increment if you prefer it a little bit warmer. You may also use it as a cold compress – whichever way you prefer guarantees real relaxation and comfort.

What makes this eye mask extra special?

Unlike other typical eye masks out there, this Lavender Eye Mask is made of wonderfully soft 100% cotton flannel filled with organic lavender flowers and organic flax seeds. Its lightweight and sweet aroma lets stress leave your body each time you exhale so that you find yourself a bit more calm and at ease.

So if you’re ready to treat yourself for a relaxing night and quality sleep, be sure to include this eye mask in your list of evening must-haves. You’ll surely be thankful you’ve finally gotten to know this gem after all this time.