Let It Die Update: New Premium Decals Revealed In January Developer Stream! Free Death Metals To Celebrate 1M Players Milestone

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Let It Die Update

Recently, GungHo streamed some Let It Die gameplay to show a few features. So far, the stream has confirmed free Death Metals on January 6 to 8. The stream also showed some premium decals that aren?t usually in the Mushroom Magistrate shop. Here?s what we know so far about the recent stream about the upcoming Let It Die update.

Stream Show for January

On their official Twitch account, the game?s developers ran a few rounds up the Tower of Barbs again. They addressed some fan questions about the game as they played. Similar to their previous stream, they revealed the important news near the end of the show. So far, the important reveals are the bonuses for the 1 million downloads for the game and some details about the gameplay.

New Premium Decals?

The Superhero and Treasure Hunter decals were showcased in the stream. The Superhero decal gives attack and defense boosts if the player has full health, which is good for perfect or sustained healing runs. Meanwhile, the Treasure Hunter decal marks every floor item on the map. However, these decals can already be found on the game?s unofficial Wiki. At best, only discovered premium decals were revealed in the stream so far. We may have to wait for the next stream to know about the next Let It Die update.

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1 Million Download rewards

Additionally, Let It Die developers will be giving out free Death Metals from January 6 to 8. Players will receive one Death Metal per day if they log in on the mentioned dates. Death Metals are used to quickly revive a killed fighter, add more slots on their storage box, rush research, or avail of the VIP membership. These items are also the game?s premium currency which players can buy off its microtransaction shop. Besides these Death Metal rewards, the stream didn?t include other announcements. Stay updated with more Let It Die update news here on TheBitBag.

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