Let It Die Update 1.08 Adds New Events And Gameplay Changes

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Let It Die Update 1.08
Source: Let It Die – Teaser Trailer | PS4 video

The Let It Die update 1.08 is scheduled to be implemented this coming March 29. The upcoming update brings three events as well as gameplay changes. The upcoming events brings in new limited time equipment, experience-giving mushrooms, and raidable special enemies.

Update 1.08

The official site confirms that the Let It Die update 1.08 will roll out on the North American servers this March 29. The maintenance is  expected to be around five hours long. The changes listed so far are user interface adjustments, music player compatibility, shotgun and Arc Welder fixes, and post-boss battle photo op item loss fixes. The full patch notes may arrive later after the maintenance.

Into The Pit Event

Meanwhile, the Into The Pit event spawns the limited time enemies called the “Knight Riders” on Tengokuji, the 33rd floor of the Tower of Barbs. These enemies have a hideout on the floor and they must be farmed in order to get their special equipment. Players can get the Executioner’s Ride ZX, Knight’s Helm ZX, Knight’s Armor ZX, and Knight’s Leggings ZX from this limited time enemies. These characters only appear at specific days during the month of April.

Yotsuyama Chargers

Meanwhile, another Yotsuyama Chargers event have also started where special Haters are found on certain floors in the game. This time, The Yotsuyama Chargers can now be found on the 22nd floor up until the 29th Floor. These enemies have a chance to drop blueprints for the M-404 Rocket Launcher and the Silent Sniper equipment set. These enemies look like a jungle sniper but lug a large rocket launcher around instead of a rifle.

EXP Mushrooms

Meanwhile, the new events also bring out some new event mushrooms after the Let It Die update 1.08 maintenance. The event mushrooms give out EXP depending on their quality. Here are the confirmed event mushrooms:

  • Bronze Eggshroom – Gain EXP (Small)
  • Silver Eggshroom – Gain EXP (Medium)
  • Golden Eggshroom – Gain EXP (Large)

These mushrooms will expire after the event’s duration, so it might be best to eat it as soon as possible. This EXP mushroom event is scheduled to end on May 24.

Potentially, this event encourages players to level their spare characters without the need to use them in the Tower of Barbs. The reserve characters can be used to defend their Waiting Room for the Tokyo Death Metro multiplayer. For now, we’ll have to wait until the update drops tomorrow to start playing these new content. Stay updated with more Let It Die news here on TheBitBag.

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