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Let It Die Update 1.03 Bug: Jackals Spawn In Less Than A Minute

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Gone are the days of slowly progressing through the Tower of Barbs after developer GungHo brought back the Jackals in Let It Die update 1.03. Players expected that they would no longer have the privilege of taking the time to scour each floor for treasures or simply passing time to regain HP. However, what?s unexpected is that these level 200 foes can appear in less than a minute?after you enter a floor.

Window Shopping Sneak Attack

Some players on the Let It Die subreddit didn?t expect to feel too anxious and stressed in climbing the Tower of Barbs after the Jackals returned. Players believe that the spawn time of Jackals is now?based on the room size.

The larger the area, the longer it takes for a Jackal to spawn. The big problem with this kind of gameplay system is for extremely small floors, specifically those with shops. On ziddykamm?s post on the game?s subreddit, several players said they experienced having Jackals spawn in less than a minute on floors with shops. Some players were even caught off guard?when their character met their untimely demise as they were too busy browsing the store to notice that a Jackal spawned.

Buggy Jackals In Let It Die Update 1.03

Community Manager GunHoAntonio acknowledged on the subreddit that there is a bug with regards to the Jackal spawn time when entering a floor with a shop. ?Apparently it?s an issue of shared timers across floors but only after enemis have been defeated,? he said.

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GungHo said they are already looking into this bug. Last time, the developers removed the Jackals entirely from the game after a low-level player managed to kill a Jackal via an elevator glitch. We?ll have to wait and see how GungHo responds to this newly introduced issue in Let It Die update 1.03.

For now, the best thing players can do is to be vigilant of Jackals. If you have a Transparishroom in your inventory, eat one when a Jackal appears and quickly run to an elevator or the next floor. Eating a Transparishroom will make your character invisible, and you won?t be detected at all by Jackals, even if you accidentally attack them. In fact, players with extremely good gear were able to easily defeat Jackals by using Transparishrooms.

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